Monday, 28 March 2011


I am off work this week using up holiday and intend to make the most of the time.

Today was a sunny day so went to Cambridge and spent a few hours looking around and taking some photos - see below.

There was a guy on the train with oversized headphones and singing loudly... and badly. Weirdo alert! Anyway, Cambridge is posh totty central and the cute guys caught my eye once or twice. It's amazing how nearly all of the guys selling punts are beautiful.

There was a great band called The Wishing Well in the centre of town playing some wonderful pop/folk stuff. One guitarist was sweet despite the ponytail, so I took some more images and will email them to see if they want to use any.

My aim of buying walking boots and some shoes failed. Maybe tomorrow (before I get a massage at the "day spa") as it was too nice to be indoors for long. I did walk past the Apple store and noticed the throngs wanting to play with the new iPad.

I will spend a day in London this week and intend going to places I've not explored before (or recently anyway). I did the same last year and enjoyed it a lot, though last time I was finding houses my family had lived in in the 1890's and 1900's. I have a few ideas of places including Alexandra Palace. If anyone has any suggestions of places, please let me know.

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  1. Places to explore in London? There are so many. I'm not sure where you've been. If I'm not mistaken last time you took the new Overground line to Eastern London. Why not come to the West this time. Richmond or Kew Gardens?
    Another area I like is St. John's wood with a visit up on Primrose Hill...