Monday, 12 September 2011

A pleasant surprise

Many (many) years ago, there was a boyband called Bad Boys Inc. Whilst I cant remember any of their music, I can recall having a few "fantasies" about one of the singers called David Ross. He's the one on the left in the picture below.

I haven't seen this guy for years, but was watching a gay(ish) themed film called Echo Park L.A. and I recognised me straight away!  He's now an actor and looking up his details, I find out that he is gay and is a writer of gay fiction and film maker. 

He still looks pretty good these days!


  1. In the top photo I actually preferred the two in the middle, but looking at the lower ones, he definitely comes within my definition of a 'hottie'.
    Btw It wasn't THAT long ago, was it? - Well, I suppose it's all relative. (Confession: I've just had to look them up.) But looking forward to your next blog - on Tommy Steele?

  2. I remember them very well because the one next to him, Ally (or Ali) was from Aberdeen where I'm from and I used to see him there...


  3. The 2 on the left are yummy - the 2 on the right are not so yummy