Saturday, 2 July 2011

At the Hop'

Yesterday I spent the day with my brother at the 4th Hop Farm festival in deepest darkest Kent (well actually, 10 minutes drive from my parents house!).  Pete couldn't attend due to an appointment with the fracture clinic and my friend Sonny had serious work commitments.  So I spent the day socialising with my next oldest brother - not something that we ever do.  I know we should.

Anyway, we got there around 2.30 and so began an introduction to several bands that I had never heard of, plus the classic 70's band 10cc (of which I think only 1 original member survives).  I then got to see Death Cab For Cutie, one of my fabvourite bands.  They were "OK" but the sound was a bit mushy.  The presentation for later acts was spot on.  We caught a little of Brandon Flowers before a slick and professional set by Bryan Ferry (plus about 10 musicians, 3 backing singers and 2 dancing girls).  Towards the end of his section, a huge hot air balloon flew over the crowd - and the people in the basket waving and having tens of thousands waving back.

The main event closed the day - The Eagles (I assume a helicopter landing during Bryan Ferry's show was them) played the last show of a European tour. The production was stunning, considering it was a festival, with stunning visuals behind the group and on the screens. 

Here are some pictures from the day, surprise surprise, plus a section of Hotel California that opened the Eagles 1 hour 40 minute show.

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