Friday, 15 July 2011

Hangover and out

A quickie blog posting today...

Last night I went out with 2 guys I work closely with - Dan and Adrian. As we cover a large region and drive everywhere, we had all commented that in 3 years we had never really socialised.

So we started at 4.30 in the City with many beers, followed by a curry and even more beers! We learned a lot about each other - it's amazing it took so long.

I got the 12.05am train from Kings Cross, which stopped half way home and we had to wait for ages due to faulty points. I made it home at 1.50am and today feel rather delecate. Thankfully I am "working from home" today.

One significant event for me... I am now OUT at work. Not sure who knows, but I am really pleased that Dan and Adrian now know. It's a weight off my mind... if that's the right cliche to use.  Now to sort out a couple more people I work with sometimes.


  1. Pleased for you. Though it may be just one step, you have every right to feel elated.

  2. I was more pleased with the title of the blog entry!

  3. To my shame, must say it passed me by. But now you've drawn my attention to it, yes, thumbs up!

  4. So pleased for you. It does make a difference - otherwise you're always holding a little bit of yourself back or slightly on edge in case the conversation turns a certain way. Tbh we're now so well protected by laws at work that there's no reason to possibly be in the closet. And yes, loving your work on the blog title :-)