Friday, 29 July 2011

Manual handling

As I am officially based at home with my job (though I am out seeing clients - i.e. Financial Advisers, most of the time), my employer wants me to complete a long questionnaire on my 'home working environment'.  It covers many things such as the space I have to work, wires on the floor, position of computer etc.

I chuckled when I got to this question:

Are you aware that you are not permitted to carry out significant manual handling activities?

I did not know this and have therefore broken the rule many many times since the age of about 12.  Is this fact going to get me in trouble?


  1. Sounds like the stern warning we got from the priests at school!

  2. a risk assessor in my old job before I took to home working, before leaving for last job, I found the home assessment fun. Having moved from
    Edinburgh to Northern Ireland they had to fly someone over (I never could assess myself) to find that of course the standard of my workspace exceeded minimum requirements. On a related note I do have manual lifting training and certificate from my civil service days :-)

  3. When working from home, a "relief break" is all part of the perks of the job!

  4. There's a manual for that? Who knew?