Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kind hearts and Coronets

When I was young and I mean early teens, I saw a film called Kind Hearts And Coronets.  I knew that this film made many decades earlier was something very special. It is an Ealing comedy unlike their other offerings.

So how could this movie, released in in 1949 and obviously in black and white, have entertained me to the extent that I can still class it as one of my all time favourites?  The answer:... this is near perfect cinema. 

The art of making a black comedy is a tough area of film and one that has produced more duds than successes.  There are no laughs as such, yet you know that this is a comedy from the start, despite it being dark, moody and serious.  To be able to turn the topic of jealousy and death into comedy is an amazing feat and it is not until you realise that Alex Guinness is playing multiple parts that you fully understand that this is not your typical film.

I wont give anything away, but I urge you to watch and enjoy this masterpiece.

The digitally restored film will soon be available and I hope that I get to see it at a cinema.


  1. This was one of my Father's favorite films from his childhood -- and I remember in the mid 80s that my Mom finally found it for sale on video tape -- and that as soon as it arrived home, we watched it.

    I actually now think back on the movie every once in awhile with fond memories

  2. Adam - your father was very wise.

  3. It's a fantastic movie. You are correct.

    I too would recommend people watch it. I have it on DVD and there is a strange bit of French at one point when it focuses on a poster. I assume the DVD came from the French print of the film???