Monday, 25 July 2011

So much... too much

I have lots to blog about at the moment and need to get my thoughts down on the page.  While  I think about the content, here's a little joke that made me laugh...

Alien couple come down to earth and go to a swinging party.

They swap partners and go to respective bedrooms. The alien man takes his clothes off revealing a one inch willy. The woman says I'm not impressed!

The alien then twists his right ear and his willy grows to ten inches.

Now I am impressed says the woman.

The alien then twists his left ear and his willy becomes two inches thick and he gives the woman
the best seeing too she has ever had.

She meets up with her husband later and asks "how was it for you?"

Her hubby said 'f***ing shite, all she did was keep twisting my f***ing ears!"

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