Monday, 4 July 2011

Sunday surprise

Yesterday Pete and I visited his Godparents in the morning. His Godfather was 84 yesterday and as spritely as someone 20 years younger. To say that his vegetable plot is perfect would be an understatement.

Pete's 81 year old Godmother was discussing funerals and how she refuses to go into a church. She said that she wants the Bees Gees played at her funeral - yes, she wants 'Staying Alive'. I couldn't quite decide whether she was being serious or not, but she thought it was funny anyway.

We then went into the local town to grab a couple of bits of shopping and had the intention of finding a cheap lunch somewhere. We failed. We ended up in the most expensive restaurant in town for a full blown 3 course meal with beer! Now this is not something we do that often, but it was refreshing to do something surprising. I took a couple of iPhone shots and linked them:

Tomorrow is the 25th '5 on the fifth' - I hope you will be taking part.

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  1. The Bee Gees 'Staying Alive'? That's really funny... I hope I am that hip at 81. :-)