Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Post weekend

On Saturday night, a few of us went out for Pete's brothers birthday. We went to the 'best restaurant in town' and after the debt of a small African nation to passed to the waitress, we left very full and also a bit drunk. 

On Sunday morning, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Cambridge and spent virtually the whole day looking round in the lovely sunshine.  The cute guys were out trying to flog punts.  We had a beer and read the papers while watching the punters.  There were a few good buskers worth stopping to watch and we had a voucher lunch - a bargain!

I bought a new camera - it was 'sort of' planned and I didn't really have the money set aside, but I realised that technology had moved on so quickly, that my camera was looking a bit tired.  It's a great piece of kit. I have found that amateur photographers don't have cameras, they have 'kit'.  I will sell my old camera and a few lenses on eBay I think.

I don't want to dwell on the sad events from the weekend in Norway. We were all shocked by the evil acts and I hope that the nation will never stop leading the way in promoting peace. 

Anyway, here is the famous Cambridge Uni... taken with that old camera:

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  1. Ah... very good! :-)

    During term time, I often pass a school pupil who cycles to work on a unicycle - have never quite got used to that!