Thursday, 25 February 2010

Anyone but England

A company in Aberdeen is selling t-shirts with the slogan: "Anyone but England" as a souvenir for this year's football World Cup... that Scotland will not be attending.

The press picked up on the story yesterday and some have labelled the t-shirts as racist. There is certainly an argument that negative statements, even in jest, perpetuate the often unfriendly feelings from north of the border.

I think that racist is too strong a word, but I wonder how a Scotsman would feel seeing something negative like this in London? Wouldn't the view be something like "typical English still mistreating the Scots" - but probably far wittier!

If only I knew a nice Scotsman to ask?

We all know that England wont win the World Cup, so the t-shirt is actually redundant anyway!


  1. Ah... if only you did know a NICE Scotsman, indeed... Ach well, maybe someone will come to your rescue...

  2. They're on sale in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen - it was the Aberdeen store that was visited by the police.


  3. Where can I get hold of one here in Wales??

  4. Thanks Anonymous for your support!

    Though I suppose Wales is another country (well it's actually a Principality) that wont be in South Africa in June!

  5. I don't think anyone North or South of the border should be annoyed by the ABE. It is a bit of senseless banter. Egotist Couture an English Company are about to launch their response to the ABE Tshirts with their designer NBE - No One But England! I think they are alot cooler and better designed and will no doubt add to the banter! They have a Facebook site with soe interesting and funny comments about the Anyone But England T Shirts which they class as shoddy, tacky and cheap. They have a small site at Ego of Egotist Couture stated the best way for the English to respond to the ABE t-shirts is to produce something more tasteful, cooler and more witty.