Thursday, 4 February 2010

The final Lost series

Tomorrow sees the return of Lost for the sixth, and final series. I have watched since the pilot aired on Channel 4 in 2004 and as the last series was so complicated, Pete and I watched the whole thing twice!

I have blogged about Lost
before and I appreciate that it can be very weird and even silly, but it's gripping stuff! The producers tell us that they will provide answers to the many many questions. They better keep to their word or else! There are a few cute actors in the series, but Dr Jack (Matthew Fox) is tops.

The producers also worked on Flashforward that has failed to capture the interest that Lost did, but it's still worth catching (it's on Channel 5 in the UK).

Tomorrow is my
5 on the fifth monthly posting - I hope you will take part. This month, the theme is... City Life.


  1. I gave up after season 1. I found the whole thing too involved.

    Twin Peaks had a vision, but I really think JJ's just fu*kin' wit' us.

    But sit tight. I'm sure all will be revealed. And no-one ever dies...


  2. I'll be interestd to read what you think of the premiere. It aired in the States on 2/2.