Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ski Cross

The only sport that I have ever been good at is skiing. I really enjoy it and am pretty proficient - if I bothered to work at it, I think I could reach teaching standard.

I used to watch it on TV years ago, but I don't think that downhill works on TV and slalom is great to actually do, but a bit dull on TV.

But now I have found Ski Cross!

I haven't been watching much of the Olympics, but have really enjoyed the Ski Cross racing. It's got to be the most exciting sport at the Olympics.

It's the skiing equivelent to motorcross. Usually 4 competitors race down the course at the same time. The course includes both naturally occurring terrain and artificial features like jumps, rollers and banks.

Catch me at the 2014 Olympics representing Great Britain!

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  1. That is some seriously amazing skiing, eh? As for Great Britain, did you know that I met John and Sinead Kerr from GB...?? They were on your Ice Dancing team and I had them on a flight two weeks ago on their way to Vancouver!