Monday, 22 February 2010


I was watching Match of the day* yesterday morning and saw the Everton v Man Ure game. I couldn't help but notice that the scorer of the excellent third Everton goal was a young guy called Jack Rodwell. After scoring the goal, he takes his shirt off and runs to hug the cheering fans. Lucky fans - though he was booked for celebrating.

He's no Torres, but he sure is a cute one! At 18, he is playing brilliant football and I think we will see him in a senior England shirt within a few years.

He likes taking his shirt off - on the pitch and at home. Wouldn't you if you were this fit!?!

* For non-UK readers,
Match of the day is a British TV institution - showing top football highlights since 1964.


  1. Why you sooo angree Jack? Letz me kiss you, you feel better.

  2. Holy Hotness! I'm learning so much about soccer (hey I'm American, I can call it that!) at my new job. All day, everyday is non-stop soccer. Everyone seems to agree that French league soccer is terrible. All I know is that I'm going to make BANK when the World Cup rolls up.