Saturday, 13 February 2010

The best and worst gay films... so far

Note:  There is an update to this post HERE.

I went through a phase of watching gay movies, hoping to find a classic and I think I found some great films. The downside of the excercise was I had to watch a few duds! However, you need to see all kinds of films to appreciate the good ones! This is my list, taken from my ratings on IMDB:

Presque rien 9
A brilliant film on so many levels with some great acting and it just happens that the lead characters are cute guys getting it on.

C.R.A.Z.Y. 9
This French Canadian film struck many chords with me as I identified with the lead character Zac - feeling like the odd one out in a family with older brothers.

Milk 9
So much has been said about this great film - it really makes you think.

Get Real 8
A feel good movie with some really funny lines. The lead actor, Ben Silverstone plays a great part.

Krámpack 8
One gay and one straight friend figure at who they are over one hot summer on the Spanish coast. "Krámpack" is their word for mutual masturbation.

La mala educación (Bad education) 8
From the Spanish film maker extraordinaire Almodovar - too complex to describe the plot! Stars Gael García Bernal.

Just a question of love 8
A tender gay love story. This one is unusual as the lead character is actually played by a gay actor (Cyrille Thouvenin).

À cause d'un garçon (You'll get over it) 7
Tough and touching coming out story.

Grande école 7
The cute Salim Kechiouche pursues a college student who is unsure of his sexuality.

Juste un peu de réconfort (A Little comfort) 7
Teens in lurve.
Les roseaux sauvages (The wild reeds) 7
Coming out story set in 1960's rural France.

Maurice 7
This would have been the first gay film most gay guys my age would have seen - and all would have fallen for Scudder.

Mysterious Skin 7
Drugs, violence and sex.

Beautiful Thing 7
Oh come on, everyone knows this one!

Shelter 7
A believable gay story set among surfer dudes.

Defying Gravity 6
A nice story, but it's a shame the main actors are so awful!

My Beautiful Laundrette 6
Not sure whether to include this - but it's a film that appears on Film 4 sometimes.

Cowboys & Angels 6
Sweet Irish film - worth a view.

Head On 6
Heavy stuff with drugs and violence, but worth checking out just to see Alex Dimitriades with a chubby!

Latter Days 6
L.A. gay guy who sleeps with anything falls for a surprisingly fit Mormon.

Brokeback Mountain 5
I think that I am meant to like this one, but I found it slow, dull and unbelievable.

Ha-Buah (The bubble) 5

Les chansons d'amour 5
I don't like musicals very much, so this was always going to suffer it terms of rating. A cute clip here though.

The Living End 4
Just not very good.

Love Is the Devil 3
Possibly Daniel Craigs only really bad film.

I've left a couple off the list as the films were not what I called a gay movie, it might just have a gay character or sub-plot, for example the excellent The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. You may have other views and films to share - so please leave a comment.


  1. Your blog ought to be a rich source of comments, Stephen. Looking forward to reading other's observations. But of the 25 films you listed I'm astonished to find I've seen only eight of them. (Where on earth could I have been?) But of those few I'd only seriously disagree with 'Love is the Devil' - good rather than outstanding, but largely suffering by not being allowed to show Bacon's works on screen. Nevertheless I'd award it a healthy 7/10, the same score I'd give 'Brokeback' - the silences between characters said so much. At the other end it would be generous if I gave 'Mysterious Skin' even 3/10.
    The best recent film for me featuring gay characters, rather than being a 'gay film' as such, was 'Shortbus' (2006) - an easy 8/10.
    Also very fond memories of 'Outrageous' (Canada 1977) with the late Craig Russell as drag-artiste trying to make a name in NYC.
    Could go on further at great length but very keen to see what others say so I'll now sit back and wait.

  2. Far From Heaven, Big Eden and Stonewall are among my favorites.

  3. The Bubble I rather liked. Having been to Tel Aviv and experienced the tensions just simmering, I thought it was well done.

    However, I think there was too much coincidence.

    We met Yousef Sweid (the Arab) here in London. Search Bubble on my blog and you'll find th eentry.

    Chansons I loved, but then I rather like musicals and am a big fan of Honore movies, and Louis Garrel...

    On which subject (well French movies) have you seen the Ozon file Une Robe D'Ete?


  4. Une Robe D'Ete is a freebie on the Presque Rien DVD.

    You are dead right about Louis Garrel - he has such style!

  5. p.s.
    I thought that Les chansons d'amour was well made and the acting fine - I just dont like musicals!

    I am one of the few people on the planet that hated Mamma Mia and I really like Abba!

  6. I would feel remiss if I did not comment on this one.

    Thanks for the list. There are many on here that I have not seen. Obviously I need to get to work on that. But, here are comments on the ones I have seen.

    This is an excellent film for any genre. It was done with as much historical accuracy as possible. The filmmakers and actors obviously did their research. I normally don't care for Sean Penn, but I cannot deny the awesomeness he displayed in this film.

    Get Real
    Thought it was an excellent movie. I identified with the characters so much. The story reminds me of the musical "Bare." The story lines are very similar in parts.

    I personally would have given it a higher rating than just a 7/10. It is, by far, one of my favorite movies in gay cinema. While some of the supporting cast needed some lessons in acting, I found it to be a very heartwarming story. I still flock to this movie at least once a month. I cannot get enough of it.

    Beautiful Thing
    Excellent. Only found it about a year ago, but instantly loved it.

    Mysterious Skin
    This is one on which I whole-heartedly disagreed
    with you. I found this movie hard to follow at times. I am a huge fan of J. Gordon-Levitt, but I was disappointed in this film. I especially abhor the ending to this film. Sorry, but this one is surely not for everyone.

    Defying Gravity
    Despite the often times bad acting, I love this film. It reminds me so much of my college days. Being someone who was in the closet throughout his college years, I can completely identify with the struggles of the film's main characters.

    Mamma Mia
    Had to mention it since you did...I didn't particularly care for it either. It was good to watch it the first time, but I have had absolutely no ambition to ever see it again. Also, Pierce Brosnan singing disturbed me to no end.

    I would love to hear your views on Were the World Mine, Redwoods, Shank, Crutch, Mulligans, and Save Me. (If you have commented on these sincerest apologies. My memory is not what it used to be.)

  7. I hated Mamma Mia too. Thought it was ridiculous - mainly the casting


  8. I'm watching, Stephen! - but I've just got to interject. I totally LOVED 'Mamma Mia', some crummy singing and all. So there!

  9. I have seen just one of these movies, Shelter.

    I think deserves way more than a 7. As soon as i saw the title of this post I was *PING* Shelter!

  10. I respect your opinion Mind Of Mine, but it gets a 7 after careful thought and comparison with the other gay movies!

  11. Were the world mine - I have to say I rather liked this film - despite the fact I don't like musicals (kinda musical) and the whole "Flower potion to make everyone gay" is a bit far fetched - however I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

    Shank - I thought this film was amazing - It really shows how it is for some people sometimes - and - me being a soppy one - made me cry - not the best film ever but one of my favourites.

    Regards to the list - I never really liked Brokeback Mountain ... so low rating for me. Get real and Beautiful thing are favourites of mine - perhaps because its my age (Characters??) ... I must love the messages they send out - plus I adore Linda Henry in Beautiful thing. Latter days I fell in love with instantly - I mean - Hot Mormon :P Shelter I fell in love with and watch it at least once every month ... and finally ... I thought Cowboys and Angels was good - But them I love fashion (despite the fact i don't study - i have a rather good fashion sense :P)

    Anyway - thats just my opinions ...

    does anyone like the comedy films such as "Adam and Steve", "Eating out", "Big gay musical"??

    And what are your views on Summer Sturm (Storm?)

    Love and Peace

    Jack x

  12. Donald stratgy movies not listed on here?
    Although corny in places, but good fun.