Friday, 19 February 2010


I should be running again following a plan that will allow me to run a 10k race in April, but the leg is still painful. It's rather depressing. I need to get back on the road or I wont be fit enough for the 10k, but I have no choice but to rest and carry on taking the pills the doctor gave me.

It's been a dull week, but we are dog sitting for 4 days now. We have Max, who belongs to Pete's brother to look after. We spoil him a bit too much and expect his weight to increase 50% over the next 4 days!

Anyway... I thought the £75 I paid to attend the speed awareness course before Christmas (thereby avoiding points on my licence) was quite a lot of money, until I read this:

In Switzerland, speeding fines are means tested and it's proved very costly for one millionaire driver. Clocked at 100km/h (62mph) driving through a Swiss village, the Ferrari Testarossa driving millionaire has been punished with a 299,000 Swiss Francs fine - the equivalent of about £180,408.


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