Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I came across the Google Zeitgeist the other day - it's a summary of the top searches made on this search engine/world power. These are the popular global searches in 2009:

1. michael jackson - Some say he was a weird little man, some say he was a genius.
2. facebook - Isn't everyone on there?!
3. tuenti - A Spanish version of facebook... sort of.

4. twitter - Random babble.
5. sanalika - A Turkish version of facebook... sort of. Wonder why it's in the top 10?
6. new moon - Those films.
7. lady gaga - Some singer who I would not recognise if I passed her in the High Street.
8. windows 7 - Ker-ching!
9. - An online newspaper from Vietnam! How very strange that it should appear.
10. torpedo gratis - A news service for IT professionals. Again... strange!

And here are the top 10 searches that brought people to my blog via google in 2009. The ones much lower down the list were really weird and I cant bring myself to share them!

1. 100 facts about me
2. edilson nascimento
3. stephen gately rip
4. stade francais calendar
5. letter to 16 year old self
6. corky and the juice pigs
7. thestateofthenationuk
8. moon state uk
9. man crush
10. gay questionnaire


  1. Oh I think if you walked past lady gaga in the street you'd probably notice her!

  2. If you get off on this, you may have a problem!