Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 10 - 8th June 2012

We travelled from the lake across mile after mile of forest to another state: Maine.  We headed to Portland which has plenty of history, but there wasn't that much of interest in the city centre.    
So we travelled to our next hotel via Kennebunkport, which looked a little too perfect and therefore more like a theme park than a town (a few places have felt like that with zero rubbish and pristine gardens).  
We ended up at the resort town of Ogunquit. Our latest hotel has impressive views out on an inlet from the sea. The middle of town had a few tacky shops, mega expensive parking and a couple of gay bars. So we had a drink and enjoyed looking at the barmen! 
There was a thunder storm out at sea last night that was great to watch and try to photograph. 
It's worth mentioning that everyone is so friendly over here - always willing to help and they "love the accent". Everyone has been mentioning how we missed the Jubilee and my stock answer (that always gets a laugh), is that we will be tried for treason when we get home.

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