Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 5 - 3rd June 2012

The rain has passed for now and so we drove along Cape Cod to the end of the peninsular to Provincetown, potentially the gayest place I have ever been to. 
Now, you can say that Old Conpton Street in London or Canal Street in Manchester are gay, but they are just places that gay guys visit, whereas this place is a living-social-working gay town.
There were some great shops and I bought a cool licence plate for the wall at home.  Lots of the bars and restaurants were buzzing today and one thing I did notice was there were dogs everywhere - perhaps a status thing in Provincetown.      
We drove to a couple of beaches (surprised to see that most beaches had ultra strict parking rules and expensive car parks) and then had a lovely dinner.    
We ended with a first for both of us... a movie at the drive-in!  It even had the 1950's speakers if you needed them.. we opted for FM with the sound loud!  A cool way to end the day.

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