Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 12 - 10th June 2012

We left Ogunquit mid morning after some relaxation time on the balcony in the hot sunshine.  We took the slow road to Salem.  Anyone that knows about the Witch trials will know how evil people can be in the name of religion.  Well, the people of Salem have trampled all over the memory of these poor souls by opening silly museums, witch related shops and other ghost/death inspired outlets.  It's a bit tacky and tasteless... complete with a statue of Samantha from the TV programme Bewitched.
We then drove to Boston for a one night stop over before hitting New York.  We had a nice meal and watched the end of the Baseball on TV in a gay sports bar.  Yes, a gay... sports... bar.
I have not quite got my head around tipping.  You seem to have to tip for everything, even if the service is poor.  I dont get it!

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  1. Hey - I've been to Andrew station in Boston!

    Love the bunghole picture. Maybe I should say that another way.