Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 9 - 7th June 2012

This was the first non driving day for a few days. We decided to go on a boat trip around lake Winnipesaukee which has a shoreline of around 288 miles!    Before that we went to the supermarket to get some food for tonight's BBQ. Serving at the next checkout was Tyler... who was gorgeous! Both of us were in awe at how sexy this dude with a skinhead was. The guy could have been model, but instead was working in Shaws.
We also popped into TJ Maxx (note the J instead of a K) and bought some socks... living the dream!  It's TJ here, but they changed the name for the UK so as not to be confused with budget store TJ Hughes.    
Anyway, the lake is massive - there are loads of islands, many of which are hundreds of acres in size and feature some of the biggest houses I have ever seen in my life.  Only a few islands have bridges to the mainland, a couple are actually  2+ miles from shore.  A handful of people live on the non-bridged islands all year round and I was stunned to hear that this lake freezes in the winter. The ice is 2-3 foot deep and people camp on the ice!
The motorcycle festival starts in town on Saturday for 8 days. This is a small town really and I couldn't quite understand why so many stalls are being set up selling thousands of t-shirts and tons of food... then I read that 300,000 bikers are expected!  Leaving tomorrow was a lucky move!  Next stop... The coast.   

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  1. That looks very nice. Check the British weather to make you feel even better