Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 8 - 6th June 2012

This morning we headed East into the mountains of New Hampshire.  A state that has the slogan "live free or die" on it's state badge! This means that silly things like motorcycle helmets and seatbelts in cars are optional.  It also means that guns are common and that 97% of the population are white.  Draw your own conclusions.
Our destination is a truly summer resort called Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee.  To give you an idea of size, Lake Winnipesaukee is around 13 times bigger than Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England.  The lake is beautiful and tomorrow we hope to go on a boat around some of it.
I would say that the area is a bit overbuilt with hotels, motels and holiday homes everywhere.  It's also very expensive at shops and restaurants.  We are staying in a cabin and decided to have a BBQ - OK, the steaks we bought were huge, but the food was very expensive.
Weirs Beach is a strange place - it obviously makes all of its money in July and August, so is empty at the moment.  However, the coming weekend will see thousands of bikers arrive for a festival, so at present dozens and dozens of biker-friendly stalls are being set up. The place will be transformed within days.

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