Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 6 - 4th June 2012

We left Cape Cod in heavy rain heading west.  The shear size of this country is evident when you cross mile after mile of forest with no towns close by.  We stopped a couple of times to look a the stunning scenery including forests, mountains and rivers and to get another Dunkin' Donut (there seem to be hundreds of outlets!).
After about 80 miles, we found a tiny "town" called Winchester in New Hampshire where we found a tiny old diner for lunch - which pleased Pete immensely.  This was real small town USA.  We passed a few houses coming across country, but the population is sparse here.
We passed a few Firework warehouse shops before crossing the Connecticut river, via an island into Brattleboro, Vermont.  We asked a barman why there were these strange firework shops in the middle of the countryside and, although gun ownership is fine, fireworks are banned in Vermont!
The town of Brattleboro is small, but is a hippy haven with lots of independent shops.  We visited a micro brewery and tasted some rather nice ales.  The hotel is an art deco building that has a theatre and cinema included.  The view is wonderful across the valley.

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