Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 13 - 11th June 2012

We left Boston at 7am and it took 4 hours to drive the 213 miles to New York, despite some Satnav "fun" at the start of the journey.  We entered Manhattan at the Northeast of the Island and it's a stunning place to see as you drive along the narrow highway.
It has been a hot and humid day and after a challenging drive around the busy streets and dropping the car off, we found the hotel which is quite nice and we are 21 floors up.
We walked around the local area for a while, with Times Square just around the corner.  I've never been to New York before and this may sound silly, but it is really big.  The size of the buildings are big... and big everywhere.  There is skyscraper after skyscraper and I was surprised that most streets are quite narrow. It's all a bit like London, but on steroids.
This evening was walked for about an hour to watch a concert in Central Park. Pete has bought tickets for Foster The People months ago and it was held in a fenced off area near to Strawberry Fields.  It was a great show, complete with two warmup acts.  The stench of pot was most evident in the toilet cubicles - I felt a big headheavy after having a pee!