Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 16 - 14th June 2012

It's been another extremely busy day today that will have pleased my friend Sonny who knows New York very well, as it was full of arty stuff. 
We started at the high line - a fantastic park a mile long that was formed from an old goods railway line. It was an impressive use of space and a surprising highlight of New York.
Mr Porter (posh clothing and accessories shop) had a Pop up shop (though that does it not justice) at the end of the High Line. - this was all planned. They combined with 30+ actors/models to launch the new season of Suits. They had lots of guys on bikes dressed as one of the characters from Suits starting here and then biking round Manhattan. We then walked for miles and miles around the West Village. 
Laurie Anderson had a show in an old warehouse that Pete insisted we see and Karl Lagerfeld had a photography exhibition that was actually brilliant. Lunch was a simple affair and then we looked in loads of shops including many cool independent shops and a crazy expensive thrift shop. I have seen so much today!
And something that I know Sonny does well (and often), we had über expensive drinks on the 20th floor rooftop gardens at 230 Fifth. It had a few thousand people spending the debt of an African nation. We started with beers then went on to cocktails.  Some guys next to 4 guys who spent at least $300 on drinks without a worry!

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