Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 7 - 5th June 2012

From our temporary base in Brattleboro, we headed north along the old highway through some stunning countryside - rivers, mountains, valleys and tiny villages.  The population percentage is tiny around here - you drive for 20 minutes and the village you find has 9 houses, a post office and a library.  If they are lucky, there might be a shop or a cafe.  Unlike the UK, libraries are cherished and used here.
Anyone who visits the USA and doesn't tour around a bit is a fool.  The place is so huge with so much to see and I wonder how many people just visit cities.  We stopped a few times to take in the sites and passed a couple of ski resorts, one called Bromley mountain which has nothing in common with the Bromley I know in London!
Our destination was the gorge at Quechee and it was well worth the visit.  We walked through the forest along the river and the air was so pure.  We had a quick look around the Harpoon brewery on the way back.  It was a long day, but we saw a lot before returning for a couple of beers and a burger.
By the way, there is a wonderful shop in Bratlleboro called "Twice upon a time that is an antique, vintage, retro superstore. It has some interesting and crazy stuff in it.  I was tempted with the 3 string guitars with a body made from cigar boxes! 

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