Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 11 - 9th June 2012

It was very hot today, which was lucky as we'd hoped for a day at the beach.  Blue skies greeted us as we walked the mile or so to the beach and I instantly regretted not taking part in a charity 5k run on the beach.  A couple of hundred people took part raising funds for lifeguards in memory of a 16 year lifeguard who died in a car accident.  I should have been part of it. 
The sun was very strong but we lasted until lunchtime when I had a rather nice meatball sub! We then walked along the cliffs which is a defined path called the Marginal Way.  It has some great views of the rocks, the beach and some swanky hotels (out of our price range). 
We ate near the hotel this evening - the usual mad portions.  My body is screaming out for nutrition rather than beef and fried food. 
Tomorrow we are back in Boston for a night before we hit Manhattan! 
Today's general USA comment has to be about parking. For a nation of cars, the rules are crazy and charges loopy.  One place today was charging $20 for the day and there are signs everywhere stopping any sneaky parking. Perhaps the ploy is to keep out the riffraff. And again, there is ZERO rubbish anywhere.

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  1. enjoying the daily updates! great pics too, the deer photo is gorgeous.