Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Solstice

The shortest night, the longest day.
I know it's probably all the mind, but I always find today a little strange. I cant put my finger on it.  I knew I would struggle to sleep last night and I know I will be hungry at unusual times.  Perhaps I have a link with the ley lines.
My eldest brother often spends the night at the Coldrum Stones, not far from my Parents house.  These images of Coldrum were 4 or the 5 that I posted for an old '5 on the fifth'.  The place has a 'presence' and will be buzzing last night.


  1. Lovely photos of Coldrum Stones. How lucky your parents are to live close by to them.

    Antony x

  2. It's 4000+ years old. There is another tomb in my parents village and the experts reckon the centre of the village is likely have been inhabited continuously for 4000 years!

  3. wow... that's very old, even for Greek standards...