Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 14 -12th June 2012

Started the day with a subway journey to Brooklyn and then a walk through the park and over the bridge.  The view was incredible and could even see the statue of Liberty in the distance.  
We queued to get cheap show tickets as the rain started and managed to get 50% of Jesus Christ Superstar. My parents saw the first cast in London so I know it very well, despite not being religious.
We walked through Wall Street and then around Ground Zero. It was as depressing as expected, especially in the dull rain. We then spent around 2 hours in Century 21 which is a higher quality TK Maxx.  Pete spent lots! 
We then got the Subway to Macy's and then back to get changed for the show.  So we saw Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and it was a fantastic show! Pete made the totally wrong comment at the end: "is it OK to fancy Judas?" Oh yes it was!    
We traversed many streets to get to the award winning Daisy Mays for loads of meat!  It was amazingly meaty and yummy.

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  1. good to see you guys are having fun...BTW i rekon if Judas is a hottie then there is nothing wrong with fancying him (then again i am single)
    Peace :)